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Exterior Wall Mount Tank Alarms


Product Name StockDescription
2331-TS100XP Price: $262.50 - (4415 Normally Open Alarm Float included)
2332-(TS1SXP) Price: $239.62 - (No Alarm Float)
2335-(TS100XLP) Price: $283.98 - (2 Floats included; 4415 Normally Open and a 4419 Normally Closed)
2351-(TS150XP) Price: $409.50 - (4415 Normally Open Alarm Float included)
2353-(TS3XP) Price: $470.54 - (Auxiliary contacts, No Floats)

Product Description

Monitor high and low liquid level conditions in outdoor environments (NEMA 4X)

Functional Features:

  • 120V and 240V options available
  • Exterior Junction Box Without Pedestal
  • NEMA rated Watertight Junction Box for Wire Splices
  • Control Switch(es) Activate Audiovisual Alarm
  • Horn Silence and Alarm Test
  • Gas tight cord seals
  • Removable terminal boards for ease of hook-up
  • UV Inhibited, high impact for wiring protection